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Schwan's Fundraising is back!

We're excited to announce that our Schwan's Fundraiser has returned! When you place an order through Schwan's, please use code 30705 when selecting a fundraiser to donate to at checkout. A portion of your order's purchase value will be donated to IBSAA through Schwan's Cares. The great thing is, your order won't cost any more than it otherwise would.

11/10/16: Mary Ingalls Society Campaign***

10/18/16: CITY seeks more information/STATE considers other uses

10/18/16: Honored at Graveside Ceremony

9/28/16: Remembering Forgotten IBSSS Students

9/14/16: Letter to the Editor - Thank You... (written by Steve Klein)

9/9/16: City to Regents

8/24/16: Government (after Braille School Closing)

8/23/16: Leaders say

8/22/16: Opinion

8/22/16: Government (in the statehouse) from Dawn Pettengill

8/19/16: For Sale (Woody's Cave, & the entire IBS campus for $1)

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Founder - Samuel Bacon Old Main Sketch - before North & South wing additions Mary Ingalls