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A big thank-you to Vinton Today, for keeping us all informed!
06/01/18:     City Council gives it's concent!
04/09/18:     IBSSS committee awaits...
08/24/17:     IBSSS Mary Ingalls Society To Host Pioneer Fiddle
08/11/17:     Committee Recommends "full ownership"
05/02/17:     Visioning Committee Review
03/27/17:     Community idea & input expo
03/24/17:     Letter to the Editor - Pondering The Future. (written by Julie Piper)
02/09/17:     Letter from IESBVI (IBSSS)
11/10/16:     Mary Ingalls Society Campaign
10/18/16:     CITY seeks more information - STATE considers other uses
10/18/16:     Honored at Graveside Ceremony
09/28/16:     Remembering Forgotten IBSSS Students
09/14/16:     Letter to the Editor - Thank You (written by Steve Klein)
09/09/16:     City to Regents
08/24/16:     Government (after Braille School Closing)
08/23/16:     Leaders say
08/22/16:     Opinion
08/22/16:     Government (in the statehouse) from Dawn Pettengill
08/19/16:     For Sale (Woody's Cave, & the entire IBS campus for $1)

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Blum Tour | Regents Response | Meeting | Can We Afford | City Agency Location | City Discussion
$1 Offer | Formalized Plan | Community Input Needed | Community Input | ISU Study | Not Enough Facts
Property Offered | Regents Attempt | Regents Disclosure | Schedule Delay | Vision Committee | Vision for IBSSS
Council Meeting | Splash Pad & Braille School | Property Options
Regents & City Meetings

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