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Iowa Braille School Alumni Association
EDITOR: Julie Piper
Staff:: Rosa Mauer, Troy Buffum, & Perry Lester

Fall 2017
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Dear IBSAA Friends and Family,

Welcome to an awesome autumn season. I hope this fall finds you and your family in good health. We want to bring you up-to-date on
happenings with IBSAA.  In turn, always feel free to keep in touch with us.

Congratulations to Dave and Rosa Mauer, as they are now grandparents of a baby girl.  I'm sure Lucy will bring much joy to your family.

Stay tuned for information about the 2018 annual Association meeting and alumni/staff reunion which will be held in June.  Due to the
impending sale of the Vinton campus, there may well be other alumni events held here on campus next summer.  If they aren't specified
as being sponsored by the Alumni Association (IBSAA), then they aren't IBSAA events!  When making any reservations, be sure you
know who is sponsoring the event you’re planning to attend.  We'll give you our summer schedule and information as soon as we have it.

2017 Reunion
Many former students, friends, and family enjoyed gathering on the IBS campus during the last weekend in July. On Friday evening, we
enjoyed a historical walk at the Vinton cemetery which allowed us to visit the graves of former staff and alumni.   Thanks to Richard
Farmer, former IBSSS teacher and historian, for giving such an informative presentation containing historical facts that were new to many
of us.  It was incredible to learn of our School's rich history and, most of all, how deeply woven our history is in to that of the state of Iowa. 
Saturday began with elections of officers and board members and the IBSAA annual meeting.  Other highlights of the weekend included
an assistive technology forum, auction (which grew the treasury almost $500), swimming, hay rides, and a prayer/song gathering on
Sunday morning. Of course, we all shared a delicious meal, prepared by Smoken on the Cedar,  at noon on Saturday. As usual, snack
bar was a big hit!  Another great alumni reunion is in the books!  Welcome to our new organization members and to our new board
members, as well.  We would like to extend a special thanks to alumni and the many other volunteers who helped out over the weekend.
Your assistance was appreciated by all.  In addition, we thank many of the Vinton merchants and businesses for donating gift certificates
and other merchandise to be sold on our fund-raising auction and at the snack bar.  Thanks, too, to Rob Levis for leading a pleasant
walk-through of the dorms which are now being used by the AmeriCorps.  We appreciate the chance to again see what was our home for
so many years.

Who was there?  Given below is a list of individuals who enjoyed the IBSAA Reunion and were on campus with us
Robert Spangler
Jeff Young
Angie Archer
Shelley Spangler and guest
Joyce Bane
James Buffum
Troy Buffum
Rosa Bonnikery
Kathy Chevalier
Ken Shevalier
Wayne Chute
Joyce Davis
Terry Davis
Bre’Aun Elsey
John Gonzales
Dawn Greenwood
Korina Greenwood and guest
Roy Greenwood
John Hamling
Pat Hamling
Carolyn Hibbs
Ava Hickey and guest
Bill Kemp and guest
Debbie Johnson and guest
Dawn Lester
Perry Lester
Ray Lough
Dave Mauer
Rosa Mauer
Sadie Mauer
Jake Minenez
Donavan Noe
Nancy Noe
Genece Piper
Julie Piper
Janet Quam
Darla Rau
April Reames
Chet Reames
Sally Richard
Bob Riibe
Sue Riibe
Donna Schmittz
Joel Schmittz
Darla Sheffort
JR Swank
Lloyd Tietz
Scott van Gorp
Kasey Walker
Rachelle Wheat
Sue Wheat
Emily Youngblut
Stacey Youngblut

Byte of Technology
Seeing AI, produced by microsoft, is a must-try for those who want to get some good out of the camera on the phone.  The app offers the
ability to read documents, scan bar codes, or learn about things around you just by snapping a picture.

I found the bar code reader to be especially helpful when sorting and putting groceries away, after a trip to the store.  Not only will the app
announce what the grocery item is, but it will also provide preparation instructions, nutrition and safety details, and any other information
that has been placed in an online database.

The document reading portion of the app works well and is a great help when reading mail.  This app offers endless possibilities; just get
it, experiment and, most of all, enjoy!

Recipe Box
Want a simple fall treat? Mix a jar of salted nuts, candy corn, Teddy Grahams, and M&Ms in a large bowl. Divide into baggies if you
prefer. Enjoy!

Closing Thoughts
Did you know?  October 15 is White Cane Safety Day.  In fact, the month of October is disability awareness month.  Too often it seems
that the person with a disability must go the extra ten miles to prove their talents.  Let’s all take the month of October to see past our
differences and concentrate on the similarities that bind us all.
Walk on!
Julie Piper, Newsletter Editor

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